all these things that I've done.

This is a listing of my projects and writeups.
I generally do side projects around Natural Language Processing (#NLP) and its potential usage for non-technical things (fiction literary analysis, song recommendations, philosophy readings, etc.). Occasionally, I'll write an essay.

Analyzing Information Flow within a Twitter (Ego-)Community

Exploring NLP methods to quantify and profile tweets and users in a twitter community based on their internal and external information flow.

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Generating Twitter Ego-Networks & Detecting Ego-Communities

A Graph-based approach to community detection in Twitter Networks by modelling information flow between users.

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A Web App (Python-Flask) that digitizes highlights from images using Image Processing (contouring, OCR) and stores them in a user's EverNote account.

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Lexical Song Recommendation

A Web App (Python-Flask) that reccommends you songs from pre-set playlists based on lyrical lexical qualities. Input a song you like or a block of text and I will recommend you a playlist, show you some fancy graphs, and let you automatically create a Spotify playlist!

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Who is Holden Caulfield? A NLP Approach

A NLP Sentiment Analysis accross chapters of a novel (The Catcher in the Rye) to capture patterns and trends as an enhancement to literary analysis. Used IBM's Bluemix and Watson APIs and wrote an essay on the pros/cons of this approach.

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Automatic Graph Generation accross Philosophy Articles

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach to automatically detect connections through key entities and ideas accross articles/documents. I analysed a set of philosophy articles to see which Entities related them to each other and if this could guide our choice of reading.

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Grasshopr - A start-up to accelerate grassroots fundraising

While many other industries are leveraging new age data analytics and tools, non-profits, especially at a grassroots level, lag behind. Grasshopr is an ongoing business that aims to bring grassroots non-profits up to date with the latest data collection, organization, and analytics tool. Our main product at the moment is a web-based live fundraising instance to aid in donation campaigns.

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